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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Necklaces made from old earrings

The necklaces below are made from old earrings. A friend of mine, Lori O., brought me old earrings from her deceased grandmother-in-law and I made necklaces out of them for her to give as gifts. Such a cherished-type of gift!

The picture below is of my daughter, Laurel, and her daughter, Annabelle, one day after little Annie's birth. This pix is a gift for Annabelle for Christmas. It was probably one of the harder projects I have ever worked on! Had to make sure everything fit and worry about it all! I am SO not an organized stitcher! That is why I LOVE crazy quilting...NO RULES!!

Anyhoo, out to sit in the hot tub and watch the sleet come down-have the tub in a "bath house" with a double garage door that opens to enjoy nature while soaking.

Two days before Christmas and ice and snow are coming down!

FINALLY!!! I am posting a few pix for your viewing pleasure! (thanks Kathi...for the encouragement to get this up and going!)