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Monday, February 25, 2013

Winter projects

Yea!  I love the seasons...and winter is definately my sewing season.  Having retired this past fall from my job at the hospital due to my health, I had hopes of working on line at home.  I did do a few months of on line work but my nice husband and I decided maybe it was time to just be retired.  It has been a transition to be sure and after a rocky start with much illness, I am finally settling in to a great, relaxed life.  My health is MUCH better and I am proactively working on improving my immune system.  During this process winter hit Nebraska and my 3-season studio became a piling and storage place for projects in process, purchases, projects left out from warmer weather, passageway to the backyard and cow lot for my husband and in general, a mess!  My sewing machine comes in for the winter and takes up permanent residence on the dining room table along with an iron and small ironing board for the counter and piles of projects.  The by-product of my sewing in the dining room is the constant lint and dust balls floating around (truly, not much different from the usual when I think about it!!). 

Happily I have finished up 8 pillows (CQ'd) and quilted 7 quilts and pieced 2 quilt tops and am working on 4 BOMs!  JOY!  Finishing up these projects is wonderful.  They have been piling up and piling up while I worked on more and more things. 

We have had recent snowstorms and spring is looking a little ways off so for now...more sewing!  I still have a small pile of CQ purses to make and several CQ projects to get pieced and now my pile of handwork to finish things up and work on new projects is growing. 

When spring hits I will be outside working on the house (scraping and reputtying windows) and definately hitting the flower gardens in a big way.  

Happy to enjoy life.