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Sunday, January 24, 2010

50 degrees yesterday...snowing today!

Yup...snowing again. We still have a few drifts sitting around but a lot has melted off. Yippee!!! Of course, not to be negative but, my house is in low-country and when it snows a lot and then melts, the water table rises and...when your house is old as the hills and the basement is below the rising water table...no wonder it was a bargain! Oh well, have learned to live with after 15 years and amazingly, most of my fabric is stored in plastic bins down there and it remains just fine!!! I emptied all of the bins about two years ago to sort my stash when I started CQing and was so very pleased and shocked that everything was just fine! I have the bins stacked on moveable scooters...like the kind we used to use in gym class when we were little...10 scooters with bins stacked 3 high. It works well...can move them around to find what I need. I also have 2 scooters in my sewing room with tubs 4 high full of whites, satins, silkies, wool, felt, sparklies. I get into these quite often so it was just easier even though a bit crowded.
Anyhoo, been very busy working on a project with 4 other VERY creative ladies...an art journal RR. I am so very excited about this project...I seem to let loose and just be me while I have been working on it...wish I would be like this with all of the projects! That is my goal...stitch like myself!
So, the first pix is the front cover...supposed to be "My Alter Self".
The second pix is the back cover..."The True Me" and the third pix is both together. This project has been a nervous blessing for me! I was nervous to begin but once I did, LOVED doing it!! Usually I seem to need to have a finished purpose for whatever I make. This time it was truly all about the process of creation and it was such a relief!! The interesting thing is that as I worked, the lines between the front alter self and the back true self blurred more than I thought they would. LOVELY!!! To find out that you actually might be closer in life to who you wish you were than you thought or allowed yourself to be.
Mind you, it has been a long time in coming...my true self. I am 56+ and I still struggle with being true to myself. Anyway, fun project. When it is finished...a few more treasures to attach and roses to stitch...it will travel to the other ladies in turn and they will complete the pages of my book along the same theme as my covers. I am so blessed to have met such creative and lovely women at this point in my life. I will treasure my book when it returns home...I will have a little part of each of these special ladies to keep for my very own.
Thank you my AFFs.