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Monday, January 4, 2010

CQ For Me block

This is my CQ For Me Challenge block which I participated in on the HGTV Quilt Chat Board. All of the stitchers involved received a piece of blue silk, green silk and a white lace motif chosen by NickiLee, hostess of the challenge. We all received the same fabric and the same amount of the fabric. We could just as little or as much as we desired but we had to have a recognizable piece of each fabric and we had to incorporate the white lace motif as well.

I hand dyed my lace motif using water based colored pencils and by wetting the lace and then just coloring on it with the pencils, the color bled and it dyed. I like the technique and plan to use it again sometime on something. I started by piecing the block using a multitude of textures and fabric types. Blue is not my favorite color to work with so this was truly a challenge for me. I made a generous rectangle shaped block and after it was pieced and I had started embellishing it I decided it would make a perfect cover for my handmade jewelry display notebook. Currently I am using a tacky plastic binder~not so inspiring for potential jewelry customers to see!
I enjoy combining textures, colors and old and new things together. I am fairly new to CQ and really new to SRE but have become rather partial to making SRE groupings. I usually like to add a bit of "funk" to them though~sometimes not very traditional flower colors, unusual tidbits, etc.
This has been a good challenge...got me thinking and working outside my comfort zone.


  1. Yea!!!!!!! You finally got a blog going - I'm so excited for you and for all of us to see all of your creative moments.

    You just know I love your CQ for Me project... my favorite colors... I know, I know... you secretly made this for me right? LOL! It turned out wonderful!

    Well... off to add your blog to my Blog favorites. Welcome aboard to Blog land.

    Love you!

  2. I just found your blog Colleen!! So glad I did.
    I love the pic of you and hubby.
    My DH and I want to come to Sturgis some year and spend a few weeks sight seeing, maybe we can get together and do some riding.

  3. Colleen, Really pretty CQ for me project! You should bring it to the retreat for show and tell!