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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Pansy memory block

This is my pansy memory block including a CQ fan and a fabulous vintage shell pin. The block is made to be a part of the CQI 2010 monthly challenge. This month is was fans and curves. I made another piece, a table runner, that I will be using to participate in the challenge this year. February is velvets. I did incorporate two pieces of velvet in my fan, the purple and the off white. I have several curves and velvets on my table runner also. This block is actually multiply purposed...it foremost is a memory block of my precious Jenny who died 8 1/2 years ago on April 26, 2001. I have incorporated a small pix of her wearing a pansy flowered dress that I made for her to wear for her confirmation. I saved the dress all these years thinking I would give it to my daughter, Laurel, for her daughter some day. She now has a daughter, yes...precious Annabelle..., and I just decided that maybe giving her a dress that her dead sister wore wasn't as great an idea as I once thought it was. So instead, cut into the dress and am using bits of it on this block...the pansy fabric in the fan...and I think I will cut more of it up sometime and make a pretty new little dress for Annabelle sometime. I have another grandbaby due this summer and who knows...maybe there will be another little dress made!
Anyway, this block is quite out of my comfort zone in colors and in the floweriness of it. I was a bit nervous to begin but now that I have, I am enjoying it immensely. It is actually kind of fun to be flowery! Who knew!!!
I am really enjoying the CQI group...very focused on CQ...LOVE IT!
Today was also the day I packaged up my AFF project to mail out tomorrow. So fun. I am anxious to get the next project to work on...Nicki mails to me and I am looking forward to doing my best job on these art books. Great group of artists to work with. I enjoy them all.


  1. I love the sentiment behind this block, it is beautiful.

  2. Axel, what a gorgeous block! I'm sure there are lot of sweet emotions being released as you work on it. What a treasure for sure.

    My journal will be on the way to you tomorrow and I'm so excited to see what you and the girls come sup with! Thanks for dreaming up this project.

  3. Beautiful sweet memory block.

  4. Alex, the block is just wonderful...and so balanced. I love the colors, and how you incorporated a piece of "life" into it as well. The gorgeous crochet pansies are my favorite part...as I have always wanted to do those. My grandmother had a pansy doilie on her coffeetable; cream with bright pansies around the outside...funny how little thinks like that stick in your memory!

  5. Your pansy created treasure is so beautiful!

    Thanks for coming by and leaving a comment.
    Make sure you let me know if you do any teabag roses. =0))

    Glad to meet you!!


    barbara jean

  6. Colleen...

    It is so girly girl !!! I LOVE it and knew you would like my world !!!