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Sunday, February 28, 2010

CQ RR 2010

I am really enjoying working on ToRyAm's block from our HGTV CQ 2010 RR. There are 25 stitch artists participating. We are divided into 5 groups with 5 stitchers in each group so it is manageable and not so overwhelming. I am the Group Mamma for my group~Crazy Ladies Equal Crazy Jewels~which is an acronym for our names~Colleen, Lisa, Ely, Charlyn, and Julie. We each made a naked block and mailed it out to begin our group rotation and thus begin the FUN!
First I am posting a picture of my naked block which I sent off to Ely. When it returns home in several months I am planning to make a sewing machine cover for my dear friend Karen Fox. She and her husband built a new home and are moving in this month. Her sewing room is yellow and she also loves aqua. French country? is the theme of this block. I thought this might be the perfect use for this block.
The next picture is of the block which has come to me for stitching. It is made and owned by Carlyn King, aka~ToRyAm. She loves horses and actually hand painted the horse on this fabric!!! OMG! No pressure to not ruin it or anything!!! Anyway, I have my stitching almost complete...just a few more tidbits and then ready to mail off March 10 in time to receive the next one. Velvet ribbon and SRE motif as well as the green trim were my contributions along with
this French knot row of flowers, rickrack and hand dyed lace trim on the lower right hand corner of the piece.
Now, it isn't like I don't have enough of my own projects to do...WE ALL KNOW THAT!..but these RRs and swaps keep me very interested because I get to see someone elses work and work on all different colors and styles. I think I would get kind of bogged down working on only my own stuff...always using the same colors and stitches, etc. Anyway, love being in these swaps and RRs.


  1. OMG!! I did not know that Toryam could paint like that. It is wonderful.
    I sat this one out, too much on my plate, but already miss the fun.
    I am hoping to try one on CQI soon.

  2. :) MIL I forgot that you had this blog! I'm now a follower:) YOU ARE SOOOO CREATIVE! I love it:)!! AND how cool are you with your own blog! I JUST LOVE IT!