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Sunday, October 17, 2010

I cannot believe it has been almost 5 months since I posted!!!! AND I HAVE A NEW GRANDSON TO BOAST ABOUT, TOO!

Okay then, let me first say, welcome to this earth and our family, sweet Aylen John! He is absolutely adorable, born June 21, 2010 to my loving son, Russ and his sweet wife, Megan. Yeppers, I am 5 MONTHS LATE WITH THIS ANNOUNCEMENT! AACCHH!

Okay, I am going to get past this.

Megan and Russ have been just fabulous preggo-parents and even more fabulous new parents. Aylen had a little time of giving his tired mommy and daddy some sleepless nights but now that he is almost 4 months old, he has learned how to live outside the womb and is doing better!

We had the pleasure of having Russ, Meg, Aylen and their dear friends, Josh and Hunter, come to the country for a weekend of (hopefully) relaxation. We ate country food, took them target practicing with Mark's awesome sharing of his guns and ammo, visited briefly with our dear friends, Karen and Don Fox (he was on the run during harvest), visited with Gram and Grandad, stopped for lunch at Wally's (sports bar recently opened in the old Walmart Store in Fairbury!) and watched our beloved Huskers get tromped by Texas. Then there was hot tub, backyard fire in the fire pit, ONE game of quadruple solitaire and all around great camaraderie.

I have been having computer issues and lost all of my pictures in my old laptop so will have to beg my pardon from Russ and Meg until I figure out how to download a pix of Aylen to proudly share.

I will wait with further sharing of anything fun until I get this picture uploaded. I can't believe Grammy has been soooo negligent with this introduction! I promise you, sweet Aylen, Grammy loves you!


  1. Hi Colleen

    Congratulations on your new grandson and your beautiful little grandaughter. I really miss having a baby around. Enjoy them because they grow fast. Our 6 are now between 7 and 17.

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