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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Time (OVER TIME!) to update my blog!

Hello my friends!  Time does go!  That seems to be how I always start my blog entries!  I am hoping to update my blog with a few of the projects that have kept me busy in my art life...

I have had the good fortune to be associated with some fantastic women who are very creative, my Artsy-Fartsy Friends...you know who you are!  We started an association in this textile art group over a year ago and decided to make RR art journals.  We each made covers for our books and then mailed them off to be handled and developed by our Artsy Fartsy Friends.  It has been a journey of true enjoyment, of creative freedom and exploration and of shared experiences with these fine women.  The journey has not always been easy...there have been times of creative block and emotional involvement when the subject matter of the journals became personal.  It has all been fantastic to be a part of and I look forward to future projects with my AFFs. 

Our first project together, the art journal, began February 1, 2010 and is to end at our HGTV retreat in Charlotte, NC April 28, 2011.  We will find a moment together at the retreat to reveal our books to each other.  We have all been involved in making these books together and have seen bits and pieces of all of the books.  We have seen other parts of the books only in digital pictures on our AFF blog and we have some parts never seen at all.  We are ALL looking forward to this grand reveal we will have.  I can HARDLY WAIT!  To have an art journal built and designed by my dear art friends for me with their hands, mind and time will be such a pleasure...a bit of them for me to keep forever. 

I have pictures of my covers to share with you now.  I will wait to share the rest of my journal until I have it home.

My art journal is to be self reflecting with the front cover (or first page if you are one of the AFFs who made the inside pages) being a self portrait of who you wish your art self to be.  The back cover (second page to be made by the AFFs) was to be who you think you really are.  I was mildly surprised and very thrilled to find that when I made my two covers...my wished for art self and my real self overlapped more than I had expected!  So pleased to find this out...that maybe I am actually, finally being myself!  Yea!

Thank you so much, my AFFs.

Time for supper!  Back later...Colleen ("axel" to my AFFs)


  1. Looks like a fun adventure you have been having...and I can't wait to see more photos after the Retreat!

  2. Oh Colleen this is wonderful. How much it must fill your heart to have shared such a journey with friends that apparently became family...I am very excited for you and I can't wait to see the reveal...have fun.

  3. wowee what a fun journey you bhave been on this is really beautiful I cannot wait to see morelove n hugs bear xoxoxoxo