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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays to all!  We had a very peaceful Christmas season this year...very welcome after the year we have had. 

Our holidays began with Thanksgiving and a welcome and wonderful visit from Russ, Meg and Aylen.  Grandad also made an appearance and we were grateful to have him with us.  He enjoyed seeing Aylen. Meggie is with child but was cleared to travel...she was three weeks from her due date of Dec. 18!  I loved seeing them but was very happy she made it back home ahead of delivery!

Two days later we had another Thanksgiving dinner with two of Mark's kids and their families...our tiny house was full but happy!  It was a welcome addition to the holiday season for us and great to see them.  The traditional family card game of  "Double/triple/quadruple, etc, etc. Solitaire" was requested by Stacy.  We had 7 decks of cards going at once!  Tawsha played with us just to humor us but stated that she hated cards.  We got her hooked though...she practiced single solitaire all the way to the Christmas card game at Stacy and Rob's house!

We then shared a lovely Christmas meal and weekend with all of Mark's kids in Lincoln on Dec. 18.

My loving son, Will and his dear friend Molly, came from St. Louis this past weekend and stayed with us through Christmas.  My lovely daughter Laurel and her lovely daughter Annabelle...AND NEW BABY-TO-BE also came for the Christmas weekend.  What a wonderful time we had with family here.  No one seemed to mind the tight quarters and only ONE bathroom.  What a wonderful family I have.  Grandad was here with us for Christmas day.  My brother, Mike and his wife Mary, made it to Nebraska from Belize for the day after Christmas with Dad.  I saw the sparkle in Dad's eyes again after a very long and sad several months for him.

I managed to get my jewelry order finished up and shipped out in time for Christmas.  I will post pix soon.  It was just what I needed to get my jewelry mojo started up again.  Dad has been making funky glass beads lately and once I am back to part time work (3 weeks!!!!  YEA!!!) I plan to start on some new collaborative pieces with Dad.

My friend, Char from Mississippi, is opening an art gallery/gift shop and has asked me to send whatever pieces I desire.  I plan to send her all of my current pieces first and as new items are made they will make their way there also.  So fun working with other artists!

That is it for now...waiting patiently by the phone for news from Colorado about our newest little family member.  Hope Meggie is feeling alright and has a good birth....they have been having false labor for days now and even spent one long night at the birthing center waiting on this little one only to have to go home in the morning!  I am grateful her parents are with them in Colorado right now. 

And then...news this past weekend that my precious Laurel and Dusty are expecting another angel baby, too!  I am so blessed with such wonderful family.

Will is in the midst of finding a new apartment and thinks he has secured a nice place in St. Louis.  I know he will be happy to get moved and settled.  I thank his wonderful friend's in St. Louis who are there for him. 

Pix later...


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  1. Oh, it's so nice to read that you had a wonderful holiday time with family! I'm so glad for your smiles. Hoping that next year will be a perfectly glorious YEAR too!