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Monday, May 7, 2012

A few things I have been working on...

The upcoming birth of my newest grandchild allows the chance to make new things!  We do not know if a little girl or a little boy is coming to us but we do know that this precious little one will be making an appearance soon.

I have made a little boy sweater and quilt and a little girl sweater and quilt to be ready for either.  This is not typical for me...usually I like to remain gender neutral with bright colors but I came across a fun little print in browns and blues that I just had to go with it!

Thus were born the blue and brown quilt and little sweater to coordinate.  The brown buttons on the sweater are slightly mismatched vintage buttons I have collected.  The little bear applique on the front of the sweater has been in my collection of stuff since I worked at SoFro Fabrics in Omaha in the late 60s!!!  It was brown and bright yellow so I did a little color magic with permanent markers and toned down the yellow a bit.

During the same shop hop where I found the fun little brown print, I came across an adorable grouping of pink and green dots and this became the basis for my little girl chenille quilt and pink and green sweater.  I vowed I would use the yarns I had on hand and not buy more so had to be a bit creative in the colors and use of the yarns...I am pleased with the final result.  The little knitted collar on the sweater is totally new for me to do...lots of work but lots of impact as well!  Also, I wasn't particularly pleased with my knitted button holes so decided to use snaps and sweet ribbon roses as closures instead.

Both quilts were new styles for me to try...normally just an art quilter, these are both relatively traditional quilts and were definately challenges for me.  I have to say, I am pleased with my first attempts at these style of quilts and may replicate them at some point in other fabbies. 

Can hardly wait to see and hold this new precious angel!

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  1. • • • Both sets are adorable. Congratulations on the new addition. Maybe you'll get lucky with boy/girl twins. :D