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Friday, November 30, 2012

I am blogging again AND...my creative mojo is back!

Hello my friends and family!  Been off the blog circuit for a while but am now back with gusto. 

Dad and I have been collaborating in jewelry design.  He makes lampwork beads and they are the inspiration for my newest jewelry collection.

Please enjoy viewing.  If you have questions, want to buy any, want any custom orders or just want to visit with me please do email me at:  alexandriaemmarose@hotmail.com

These are just a few of our newest collection.  Dad makes the beautiful lampwork beads and I then create the necklaces using bits and pieces in my collection of parts.  Most of the necklaces have pieces from at least 5 different vintage jewelry pieces in them.  I take apart old and broken jewelry and repurpose it in a new and fun contemporary way. 
Thanks for viewing! 


  1. • • • Glad to see you posting again. You know, if I still wore jewelry, I would definitely get that black and red dot piece. :D

  2. Beautiful work, as usual!!

    I still love my piece with the slate and copper wire.